Modern Interior: Styles, Ideas, Concepts

What is the modern interior?

Let’s define the terminology. Is there a difference between the concepts such as "modern interior" and "modern style"? Yes, there is! The first is a generalized name for a group of trends similar in ideology in the design of apartments and houses. And “modern style” is just one of these trends. It is worth mentioning that today, experts note the departure from the pure style in the direction of mixed, compromise design ideas. And this implies new expressive concepts, interesting zoning techniques, and fresh planning solutions.

Trendy modern art deco interiors

Originating as a style of luxury and glamor, the current art deco designs are now more available to the public. This direction is among the most popular trends in interior design in 2019.

  • large geometric prints in the decoration of walls, textiles;
  • the abundance of mirror and glossy surfaces;
  • broken lines as an accent;
  • contrasting color combinations (for example, black wooden chairs with white upholstery);
  • the smart balance between expensive decor and laconic furniture.

The neoclassical - aristocratic style in the modern context

Here are some distinctive means of modern classic interior design:

  • traditional moldings and cornices as a way to mark the symmetric relief;
  • furniture silhouettes more direct, easy, without elaborate decor;
  • the color range is predominantly light, bright elements of natural shades are appropriate;
  • classical chandeliers successfully coexist with a point light;
  • antiques, but in very moderate quantities.

Ideas for a modern interior in the style of minimalism

The secret of the steady popularity of this trend lies in the simplicity of forms, clarity of color, free, and at the same time, organized space:

  • the amount of furniture is minimal, but enough for comfort;
  • shapes and lines are laconic;
  • minimalism style does not put strict frames when it comes to color: warm pastel, cold, metallic, and natural colors all look good;
  • during the process of zoning by sliding or transparent partitions, artificial light and materials, the main goal is achieved - to leave a feeling of open space;
  • Panoramic glazing provides maximum natural light, which also works to create a cozy living environment.

Hi-tech - the aesthetics of technology

This is a style of progressive people. In its pure form in modern interiors, it is quite rare, but the main features are easy to identify:

  • straightness, simplicity of form;
  • neutral-cold shades, primary colors - white, gray, black, some bright colors are allowed;
  • surfaces are smooth, glossy;
  • the basic materials are raw brick, glass, metal, concrete;
  • minimum decor.

The design in high-tech style is full of technical innovations - the "smart home" system, voice and remote control commands. Moreover, the electronics are not displayed for a show but are hidden to emphasize the free layout.

Modern style: simple solutions for comfort

Without relying on strict rules and regulations, this trend embodies the idea of convenience and practicality.

Here are the features of the modern style in interior design:

  • the use of natural and artificial materials, suitable for designs with a small budget;
  • application of plaster, wallpaper, ceramic tile, laminate, plain carpet to the finish;
  • the color scale is reserved (white, gray, light beige, black) in monochrome or contrast execution, complex composite tones are allowed;
  • furniture of simple forms, functional, with a minimum of decor;
  • planning solutions - open type, lots of open space (living room-kitchen, living room-bedroom, bedroomoffice).

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